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We are now accepting deposits on all future litters. Call 607-968-0027 or email us at silverpawkennelny@yahoo.com. For available spots on our list Below you will find pictures of all of the puppy colors I produce... Chocolate, Silver, Charcoal, and Black.

Families with small children: Children should be prepared and instructed how to act, interact and treat a new puppy. Loud noises, screaming, chasing, tugging, even too much affection can cause your new puppy to react negatively or in fear. As with children, the first few weeks are major building blocks in a puppy's life so the training and treatments your puppy is exposed to during this crucial time is worth your time, consideration, and planning.

Families who already have a dog(s) or cat(s): Your new puppy will come to you with its first 1st series of vaccinations and at least 3 series of deworming. But its immune system is still very susceptible to many things until its 6 months rabies vaccination. It is a great idea to have your current dog or cat checked for parasites, worms, and current vaccinations. Keep in mind, you adult dog or cat might be or seem healthy, but its adult immune system can fight off many things that are problematic, even lethal to a puppy. A good idea is to clean or spray all the surfaces your puppy will be living and playing or in your home with a 10%/90% mix of bleach to water. This includes the grass and patio areas (this solution won't kill the grass).

"Pedigree Available Upon Request"

Please contact us any time for additional information regarding one of our beautiful Labrador Retrievers.

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