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The Labrador Retriever is also known as Labrador or Lab. The Labrador is a multipurpose dog with talents dating back to its gun dog years. It currently maintains utility in assistance to the blind and deaf, in police work, drug detection, and as a family pet. He is an excellent hunter, and can adapt too many types of game. It's the most popular dog, by registration, in most of Europe and the United States. The dog responds well to praise, rewards, and attention. It is one of the most beneficial, kind dogs. It's very responsive to obedience training too.

They were formerly known as St. John's Dogs. There is the English Labrador and the American Labrador, and they have slight differences in heaviness, shape, thickness, and height. These dogs employ multiple talents and abilities that classify them as heroes to some professions. They're wonderful family companions to boot, and love children. They also do well with other dogs, and pets. The Labrador Retriever is a kind, gentle, and friendly dog. It's strong, firm, and muscular. Males weigh 70 to100 pounds, females weigh 55 to 70 pounds (This is not written in stone), and they're 22 to 24 inches high at the withers. It has a short, straight, coarse, water-resistant coat that requires little grooming. The coat comes in dark black, chocolate, liver, yellow, cream, or various shades of red, cherry, silver, mahogany, chestnut, and other browns and reds. The AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes black, yellow, and chocolate for show. Silver Labs are registered as chocolate.

Its muscles extend to its dense, thick neck. It has a scissors bite and mesmerizing light brown, pal yellow or green eyes. Its ears are triangular pendant-shaped and standard. The tail is less thick as it descends. It looks just like an otter's tail, and it functions in swimming situations very well. Its webbed feet make it an excellent swimmer (second to none), and it lives up to 16 years at best. 10 to 12 years is the median lifespan. Food, fun, and entertainment are its prime motivators outside of its family. Of course, there's an overlap when mutual activities are put on the list. They're great at retrieving too. Fetch, and throwing tennis balls are fun things to do.

The Labrador Retriever needs regular combing with a firm, bristle brush. Bathe irregularly, as the situation calls for it. There's no set-bathing schedule. Give them plenty of food and lots and lots of exercise to satiate their energetic temperaments. They're good watchdogs, and will do anything to please their owner. They have really strong necks that should be watched out for during walks on the leash. They are not well suited for Apartment living. They were originally used to retrieve waterfowl, and they're great at learning new activities and adventures outdoors. Keep them entertained and energized with outdoor swimming, jogging, and fetch. Early socialization will ensure a better time around visitors.

It's not just recommended to take them on a daily walk, it is necessary to get them physical exercise daily. The Labrador Retriever is considered one of the most multi-talented breeds in the world. That's pretty impressive when one considers the hundreds of breeds out there. Their familial talents and great working dog traits are a boon to intelligent handlers and appreciative pet owners. Remember there are too many pets in Humane Society Shelters, because people didn't do their homework before buying their pet. Take into consideration the size of your living quarters, size of your yard, how much time you'll have to spend with your pet. Pick a pet who can adapt to your living conditions and your lifestyle.

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Camo (3 yrs) is an absolute legend on Long island pictured here with a day's catch.

Daisy (1yr) is making a name for herself on the field trial circuit, as she placed first in all the events she was entered in (2015)... she also has her AKC junior hunting certificate.

Nell, a St. John's Water Dog, circa 1856. Click on the picture for more information.

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